Snowdonia From Ballymacrow Hill


Driving down to Ashford from Tiglin

And there it was clear as day across the sea

Snowdon and the Welsh Mountains

Sharp, near, like I could touch them, or walk them.

Where was it yesterday when I drove this way,

or all the other days, since last I saw these hills, last year

If I had paid attention all those years in class

I might now have the scientific explanation,

And tell you more of inversion, refraction,

High pressure and good seeing, but I was dreaming then

Of far off lands and olden days

Now when I see those Cymric hills I don’t ask why

But thrill to see their pale grey blue again and know

They are Faerie Hills floating on a Faerie Sea

A Faerie vista hanging in a Faerie sky


Martin Swords

Wicklow Writers

September 2016