It’s 1916 wall to wall

Revolution is in the air on the radio

Joe is doing his meet and greet,

Meeting the plain people of 1916

It’s not working but it’s Joe being Joe.

I’m in the kitchen listening to the Revolution Cabaret.

Most of it is successfully filling the airtime, but little

Is historically interesting or real. I’m looking over

Three fields towards Moneystown,

Fields of sheep and leaping lambs, scudding clouds

And rain coming soon.

What takes me back to the Rising is the thought

That I am free to sit here, to spend a day like this,

In comfort undreamed of by people like me then.

It’s a long long way from Sackville Street in 1916

To Tiglin 2016.

I think of those who started this journey

And of the family doBaby Martin 2 sep 1952 2wn through the years

Who helped me get to here, with thanks.


Martin Swords

Easter Monday 28th March 2016