St Kevin's Cross

Walk a Different Road

December 21st Winter Solstice 2015

Carol Service in The Cathedral Ruins, The Monastic City, Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland


We are at the turning of the year

Here in Gleann Da Loch

This Spiritual site, this font of nature

As we celebrate Juul, Solstice Fire, Christmas,

Darkness into Light, the Turning of the Year

Here let us remember the Ancients,

 Ancient Ways, early Celtic Christian Monks

And Caoimhinn* who spoke to the fishes, birds and trees

Let us return to live with nature and value it

Repair the damage we have done on the road we travelled

‘I cannot save the world by myself, but I can play my part

Be aware, consume, waste and destroy less,

feed the birds and bees, grow more, plant a tree, plant a forest’

Maybe we cannot speak to nature as Caoimhinn* did

But we can listen; we must listen as it says –

‘Enough, change your ways,

See the light and turn to

Walk a different road’

*Saint Kevin

                                                                               Martin Swords