doggerland-art-615It was the wet dry wet of it all

That struck the gatherers

 Is it wet or dry, is it land or sea

Sand, dunes, strange grass,

Shifting shapes, a strange uncertain place

And yet the hunting was good, fish, rabbits

They did not know it was not forever

They thought only of meals, shelter, warmth,

Days, changing seasons, weather.

Eras, or Global Events were not known to them

West of where they came from

East of the chalky hills

They had no name for East or West, for this or any place

They were cold, on the move

They moved towards the setting Sun, overland

The wanted warmth, comfort, but did not know

Yet the huge price heat would bring

To Doggerland and the world  

But they would change as everything changed

and continues to change.


South Uitsire

Low 960 Deepening SW Veering Westerly 6 to Gale 8

Moderate or Good becoming Poor



 Losing its identity

Doggerland was an area of landbridge, now lying beneath the southern North Sea, that connected Great Britain to mainland Europe during and after the last Ice Age. It was then gradually flooded by rising sea levels around 6,500 or 6,200 BC. The Dogger Sandbank remains and gives its name to the Sea Area of The Shipping Forecast

Martin Swords      September 2015