Curlews calling in the dead of night.
Stoney Old Man Heron standing still.
Bannow sands are moving, shifting,
shaping, ever flowing, ever changing drill.

Cattle lowing dull in distant fields,
peels of death ring out in hedgerow town.
Birds of prey or foxes come to feed.
Life and death together in one sound.

Milky Way is pouring overhead
showing us the future from the past.
Moon is shining in another sky tonight
In ebon dark the bright stars twinkle fast

Wexford girls are sleeping in their beds,
Ruddy, red haired dreamers in the night.
Dreams of city lights, supposed excitement,
Love, romance, a maybe Mister Right.

They need to go to taste the world outside.
They need to see what city life can lack.
They need to understand what brings them home,
the sometime simple life looks better looking back.

Martin Swords, September 2000