sharp night in Glendalough 2nd

night air is sharp,
frost is on the ground

the puddles frozen show
the Dog Star looking down

the Green Road sparkles icy
cold stillyness all round

from Derrybawn the streamlets
in icicles hang down

on Paddock Hill the ring of stones
four thousand years stand ‘round

hoarfrost stubbles rockface
facing Camaderry’s mound

firm footprints of the fallow
deer show they’ve been around

the homes of long gone foresters
glow with winter warmth

breath clouds in the night air
as each hilly step arrives

this is a place, a time, to live
to love, to feel alive,

on a cold sharp night
in Glendalough beneath a starry sky

Martin Swords
Prompt Poems
Feb 2008