Lights in the Valley

Listen to the lights.
Speaking silently, steadily.
Calling us, out of the dark.
There were always lights in the valley.
The lights of learning,
The illuminating lights of scribes,
Beacons in The Dark Ages.
The safe lights for the hard road
Underground, on days bright or black.
Now, in changing times
There is a new light in the valley.
The light of community,
The light called “Together”,
The light of transition
From a time of wasted plenty,
To depending on each other.
Keep this new light burning,
Shelter and nurture it to see the future.
Listen to the light speaking.
Little lights, held high by children,
Showing us much more
Than just the stony path ahead.

Martin Swords
October 2010

Theme Poem for the “Lights in the Valley”
Community Event
Children’s Lantern Walk,
Glendalough Valley
October 22 2010